[Algebra 1 Spring 2014] Week 10T: 3/18

Congratulations on getting through another test! I’ll have them graded as soon as I can.
We didn’t get through all of Ch. 10-6 last Friday, but I’ve written up examples of the problem types we didn’t cover. They’re also relatively easy. As mentioned in class, please feel free to use a calculator on the problems in this assignment. The writeup for Ch. 10-6 #7 is here, and #9 & #10 can be found here.

Videos (optional/participation):
[Ch. 10-5] Exponential Growth Functions (7.5 minutes)
[Ch. 10-5] Graphing Exponential Functions (5.5 minutes)
[Ch. 10-6] Introduction to Compound Interest (6.5 minutes)

Problem Set (mandatory): Complete each problem showing your work and turn in at the next class meeting, stapled, dated, and identified with your name & an appropriate title. Check the answers of odd-numbered problems in each problem set and put a “C” next to each problem you check.
[Ch. 10-6 page 561] problems 7, 9^, 10^, 11, 12, 14^, 15, 19, 25, 32, 37, 43, 45;

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