[Algebra 1 Spring 2014] Week 18F: 5/17

Congratulations! We have completed all the material for Algebra 1; all that remains is to demonstrate what we’ve learned on our final exam!
To help you prepare for our final, I’ve posted review problems, videos, and online exercises here. You will not have to turn your work in, but I strongly encourage you to work on the problems you find most difficult.
We will spend our next class, Tuesday, May 20th, working on any problems or concepts you would like. In order to make best use of this time, it is important that you put some thought and effort into figuring out what you need to work on most before you arrive. Again, I highly recommend that you do some of the review problems from the list linked to above.
Our cumulative final, covering Ch. 7 through Ch. 14 with an emphasis on material from Ch. 12.6 onward, will be on next Friday, May 23rd at our usual time of 10:30am. I expect the test to take most students around 60 minutes to complete, but I will be happy to stay as long as two hours if necessary.
As discussed in class, you may submit a revision of Test #3 to earn up to half the points you missed. To do so, work problems on which you would like to improve your score on a separate sheet of paper and submit it with your test on or before Tuesday, May 20th.
As we approach the end of the class, please check your grades to make sure you’re aware of your current score.

Videos (optional/participation):
[Ch. 14-3] Introduction to Dependent Probability (6.5 minutes)

Online Practice (optional/participation):
[Ch. 14-3] Dependent Probability

Problem Set (mandatory): Complete each problem showing your work and turn in at the next class meeting, stapled, dated, and identified with your name & an appropriate title. Check the answers of odd-numbered problems in each problem set and put a “C” next to each problem you check.
[Ch. 14-3 page 769] problems 5, 7, 9, 10, 17, 18, 20^, 24^, 25^, 27^, 61, 63, 65, 66;
Pick and complete 7 review problems from this list.

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