[Algebra 1 Spring 2014] Week 8F: 3/7

As discussed in class, our quiz has been moved to this coming Tuesday, March 11th, and our next test has been moved to the following Tuesday, March 18th.
My website and regular email address are working again, but it will take me a little while to get the site looking as it did before. In the meantime, please bear with me. I have yet to get a new phone, so my response to calls and texts will continue to be restricted to times when I’m at my computer.

Videos (optional/participation):
[Ch. 10-2] Graphing a Parabola by Finding the Roots and Vertex (6.5 minutes)

Online Practice (optional/participation):
[Ch. 10-2] Graphing Parabolas in Standard Form

Problem Set (mandatory): Complete each problem showing your work and turn in at the next class meeting, stapled, dated, and identified with your name & an appropriate title. Check the answers of odd-numbered problems in each problem set and put a “C” next to each problem you check.
[Ch. 10-2 page 533] problems 13, 15, 16^, 17, 18^, 21, 22^, 24^, 27, 28^, 49, 50^, 59, 61;

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