[Algebra 1 Spring 2014] Week 8T: 3/4

As discussed, our quiz covering Ch. 8.5-9.6 is this Friday, March 7th, and our test covering Ch. 8.5-10.4 will be next Friday, March 14th.
Per your requests in class, I’ve had a look at my schedule and I’m able to offer tutoring/office hours before class at 10:00-10:30am on Friday 3/7, Tuesday 3/11, and Friday 3/14. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity for individualized instruction, you must email me by 6pm the night before. I recognize the time is not ideal, but unfortunately it’s the best I can offer.

Videos (optional/participation):
[Ch. 10-1] Graphing a Parabola Using A Table of Values (7 minutes)
[Ch. 10-1] Parabola Vertex and Axis of Symmetry (7.5 minutes)

Online Practice (optional/participation):
[Ch. 10-1] Vertex of a Parabola

Problem Set (mandatory): Complete each problem showing your work and turn in at the next class meeting, stapled, dated, and identified with your name & an appropriate title. Check the answers of odd-numbered problems in each problem set and put a “C” next to each problem you check.
[Ch. 10-1 page 524] problems 5, 10^, 11, 19^, 20^, 21, 23^, 25, 67, 71, 73;

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